Cool Cabin Stuff


Harry and Holly Boyd have been married 26 years, have 3 children and 2 grandchildren.

Cool Cabin Stuff began back in 2005 with Harry building his own cabins for hunters and has grown into 4 acres of sheds, buildings, cabins and the Valley`s largest display of Fully Equipped Cottages!

When Harry found JDM Buildings could build a great building for less than he could, he decided to begin selling their products. And when Holly, a Professional Organizer, found that the sheds were as structurally sound as a house they decided to turn some of them into Fully Equipped Cottages that they were looking for!

Fully Equipped Cottages are great for downsizing, aging parents, adult kids still at home, a home office, living green, or just as a personal retreat such as a craft barn. “When you cant find what you want, you build it" say the Boyd`s who also sell the sheds as "starter kits" if you want to design your own¬†Fully Equipped Cottages!

Come see all of this COOL CABIN STUFF in Barnesville, Ohio,

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